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Welcome to the Nomination Package

Nominations are accepted year round and will stand for two cycles of the Prize. In order to be considered for the 2017 Competition, all nomination materials and supporting documentation must be received prior to the 5:00 PM (PST) May 31, 2017 deadline.

Instructions for Returning Nominees.

Important information about criteria, eligibility, and the nomination package are detailed in the Nomination Guidelines. Please refer to the Nomination Guidelines prior to beginning your Nomination Package.

At all times throughout this process you have support available to you. Should you have questions or require assistance completing the forms, please contact the Dr. Rogers Prize Coordinator.

Step 1: Intent to Nominate Form

Prior to starting this form, refer to the Nomination Guidelines for important details about eligibility, criteria, deadlines and the nomination package.

All participants in the 2017 competition are required to complete the Intent to Nominate form. The contents of this form provide us with accurate and current contact information for you and your Nominee. You need only enter this information once - it will automatically appear on each of the subsequent forms in your Nomination Package.

To qualify for the VIP Package, your Intent to Nominate form must be completed by 5:00 PM (PST) on Friday, April 14, 2017.

What happens when I submit the Intent?

Upon submitting this form, you and your Nominee will both receive an email generated by the system with a unique access code specific to your nomination. Since you and your Nominee will need to work together to complete the process, this email ensures that everyone involved knows how to access the Nomination Package. Keep your Access Code as it is required to gain access to your Nomination Package. As you submit information on-line, the system will automatically update your Nomination Checklist.

Step 2: Nominee Declaration

All new participants in the competition are required to complete the Nominee Declaration, which indicates the agreement of the Nominee to participate in the 2017 competition.

What happens next?

The Nominee is to complete, print, sign and send the original Declaration to the address indicated on the form.

As the Nominee, what process do I follow to access and complete this form?

Using the access code you received by email, log in to the Nomination Package. You will see the Checklist as your "nomination home page".

Within the Checklist, click on the link to the 'Nominee Declaration'. Instructions to complete the Nominee Declaration are indicated on the form.

How will I know you received the signed Declaration?

The Prize administrator will send an email to you and your Nominee indicating confirmation of receipt. Your Nomination Checklist will also be sent an update.

Step 3: The Nomination Form

The Nomination Form, which is required for all new nominations, is your opportunity to tell the Jurors about the significant contributions your Nominee has made to CAM in Canada and how your candidate meets the criteria for this national prize.

If you submitted a new nomination in 2013, it will automatically be renewed for the 2015 competition; however there is an additional question which must be completed in order for your nomination to be considered by the jury. You may choose to submit new Letters of Support, or edit and update your 2013 nomination. Changes must be finalized by the May 29, 2015 deadline.

What happens next?

The content of the Nomination Form can be submitted through the system with the exception of the three (3) Confidential Letters of Support which must be sent directly from the supporting parties to the Dr. Rogers Prize Coordinator as outlined on the Form.

How will I know the three Confidential Letters of Support have been received?

The Prize administrator will send an email to you and your Nominee indicating confirmation of receipt. Your Nomination Checklist will also be sent an update for each Letter received.