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I forgot my Nomination Package Access Code – where can I get it?

To retrieve your nomination access code, please email

Does the Nomination Package have to be completed in sequence: Step 1 then Step 2 then Step 3?

Step 1 must be done first. After that you can complete the steps in the order that is easiest for you. Please ensure that you complete all 3 steps and supply all supporting documentation prior to the deadline.

Is this a grant? Does my nominee’s answer as to how the funds will be spent, if won, constitute an agreement?

No, it is not a grant.  The Dr. Rogers Prize could be compared to the MacArthur Foundation genius awards.   It is also similar to the Gairdner and the Nobel prizes in that it is an acknowledgement of a significant contribution and is expended at the winner’s discretion.

Can I write a letter of support for more than one nominee?

Certainly, as a supporter you do not have to limit your endorsement to one candidate.

Will there be a list of finalists?

No, the winner will be announced at the Dr. Rogers Prize Gala Award Dinner.

Will a list of nominees be published?

No. Being nominated is an acknowledgement of the high regard in which the nominee is held.  The nominee may wish to publish or promote the fact of the nomination at their own discretion.

Can I nominate more than one person?

Certainly. However, as the Prize will be awarded to an individual, separate nomination forms will be necessary for each nominee.

Can I submit a DVD, CD or YouTube video as part of the nomination materials?

No, the submission is limited to the narratives and attachments described on the nomination form.

Is it advantageous for a nominee to be nominated multiple times? Or have more than one nominator?

No, in the event of multiple nominations, the Prize Coordinator will notify the nominators and request that one nomination be submitted for consideration.

Can we submit Letters of Support from more than three people?

No, in the event of more than three Letters of Support being received, the nominator will be asked to choose which three Letters will go forward with the nomination.  The rest will be discarded.

Who is eligible for the Prize?

Nominees whose main body of work is within Canada. The individual need not be a Canadian citizen. The Prize will not be awarded posthumously.

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