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About the Prize

Founded in 2007, the Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine is awarded every two years to celebrate the achievements of researchers, practitioners and others in the field of complementary and alternative (CAM) health care. At $250,000, it is the largest prize of its kind.

Open to individuals whose complementary, alternative or integrative medicine activities are carried out in Canada, Dr. Rogers Prize recipients embody the vision, leadership and integrity as that of Dr. Roger Hayward Rogers for whom the award is named.  A Canadian physician and pioneer in the field of CAM, Dr. Rogers was among the first to provide non-traditional therapies for cancer patients. He was appointed to the Order of British Columbia in 2001 in recognition of his groundbreaking care.


Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to CAM in Canada?

The public at large is encouraged to nominate worthy and qualified candidates from within the disciplines that make up the spectrum of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This individual may have made their contribution as an advocate, researcher, practitioner, health care provider, instructor or in one of the many other roles that make up this diverse field.


Making a significant contribution to the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Canada, the candidate for this award is an individual who:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to the field of complementary and alternative medicine
  • Displays vision, leadership and integrity throughout their activities
  • Collaborates across disciplines and healing philosophies
  • Acts as a catalyst in advancing the field of complementary and alternative medicine
  • Demonstrates a positive influence among their colleagues and those they serve


  • This national competition is open to individual nominees whose complementary or alternative medicine activities have been carried out within Canada
  • The body of work to be considered for the Dr. Rogers Prize has been conducted in Canada
  • The Winner must attend the Dr. Rogers Prize Award Gala in Vancouver, BC (public health restrictions permitting)
  • The nominee will be an individual (rather than a group)
  • The nominee does not need to be a Canadian citizen
  • Candidates for the award must be living
  • Members and Directors of the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation are not eligible
Awarded every two years, the next Call for Nominations will open in February 2023.
Please review the Nomination Guidelines below for information on preparing your nomination.

Nomination Guidelines

May 31, 2023 | 5:00 PM PST

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