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Dr. Joseph Y. Wong

1931 – 2017

Dr. Joseph Y. Wong


Groundbreaker Awards winner

Dr. Joseph Wong received his M.D. in China and Canada followed by his medical specialty training in Canada in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He practiced as a medical specialist in rehabilitation for 50 years. He participated in the founding of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada in 1974 when their teachings were based on TCM acupuncture. Dr. Wong felt that these teachings should be joined with ultra-modern scientific medicine. He developed a new direction in acupuncture, based on anatomy and physiology, known as neuro-anatomical acupuncture. This new direction became the basis of the curriculum for the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute where he was Chief Instructor from 1975-2001, and where they still continue to follow his guidelines. Dr. Wong lectured on neuro-anatomical acupuncture in Canada and around the world. He long promoted the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine with the intention of integrating them into the mainstream, and emphasizes that doctors should utilize the best from both disciplines to perfect an empirical medical approach. He incorporated acupuncture into his medical practice and into rehabilitation programs in major hospitals in Toronto and Sudbury, Ontario. He was the author of multiple publications on acupuncture, including six books.

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