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Dr. Rogers Prize 2011 Colloquium: Current State of Practice in Integrative Medicine

Dr. Rogers Prize 2011 Colloquium

The 2011 Dr. Roger’s Prize Colloquium took place on September 23, 2011 and brought together more than 250 people in the field who shared their thoughts and ideas on how integrative medicine is  practiced in Canada and how to move it forward. The discussion that occurred throughout the day reflected the participants’ deep commitment to influencing positive changes in the Canadian healthcare system.  Doctors from four Canadian integrative clinics – InspireHealth (BC), Integrative Healing Arts (BC), Integrative Health Institute (ON) and Seekers Centre for Integrated Medicine (ON) took part on the Colloquium panel.

Download the 2011 Colloquium Summary – View the 2011 Photo Gallery

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