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Conférences du Prix Dr Rogers en 2012

7th IN-CAM Research Symposium
November 2012 – Toronto, ON
Dr. Marja Verhoef (Dr. Rogers Prize Winner 2011)

British Columbia Naturopathic Association ANM10
Vancouver – September 2012
Keynote Speaker – Dr. Mimi Guarneri

International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine & Health
Portland, OR – May 2012
Irving Kirsch, PhD – « Placebo Therapy as an Ethical Alternative »
Michael Lauer, MD, FACC – « Comparative Effectiveness Research: Implications for Practice and Policy »

Natural Health Products Research Society Conference
Kelowna, BC – May 2012
Session on « Complementary Therapy and Diet »
Dr. Gerald Krystal – « The influence of diet on Cancer and other chronic diseases »
Dr. Dan Burke – « Salvestrols and CYP1B1 – a Natural Team Combating Cancer Naturally »
Kalsariya Bharat – « Antimicrobial activity of polyherbal formulations »
Kiran Assai – « Curcumin reduces neoplasms in colitis-associated cancer via effects on ILK, β-catenin, cyclin D, NF-kappa B and PKB activation »

Orthomolecular Medicine Today Annual International Conference
Vancouver, BC – April 2012
Dr. Marja Verhoef (Dr. Rogers Prize Winner 2011) « Beyond Randomized Control Trials »

Third International Fascia Research Congress
Vancouver – March 2012
Dr. Carla Stecco « Fascial Anatomy Overview »

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